Hiking and trekking in Sardinia

Are you considering a guide for hiking or kayaking in Sardinia? Look no further. Claudio is simply the best. We had a 5 day hiking excursion with Claudio that exceeded all expectations. 


Sardinia is beautiful. So any guide can show you beautiful places. What makes Claudio so special?

Local Knowledge: Claudio grew up here and has been hiking, with his father who worked outdoors, since his was a child. This means he knows the island inside out and can take you places others won't find. It also means he can tell you the history and stories behind what you are seeing. Like the history of the army baracks we visited on a hike that besides graffiti had both fascist and communist remnants. He also has tremendous knowledge of flowers, animals, geology and the history and culture of Sardinia. This makes the whole experience complete.

Personal. Claudio sees every member of the group. We were 4. And makes sure that everyone gets an experience that works for them.

Flexible. You are outdoors. This means things can happen. Weather can change. Paths can be washed out. Because Claudio knows the country like the back of his hand he can improvise and make changes when something unexpected happens.

Excellent English. You will understand everything Claudio says.

Detailed information before your trip. You will have no problem preparing for your trip with all the info Claudio provides. Of course you will also get info during the trip, for example suggestions where you can dine or shop.

Friendly: Claudio is just one helluva a nice person. He'll feel like your friend after an hour or two. He'll go out of his way to help or assist with anything. A member of our group had trouble paying at one of there hotel and Claudio used his personal phone (his cost) to call overseas and sort everything out.

Thanks again Claudio for giving us a trip we will remember for the rest of our lives.

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